Saturday, November 15, 2008


“Let never day or night
unhallowed pass, but
still remember what the
Lord hath done.”

Thanksgiving rolls around every year whether we like it or not. It is one of your children’s least favorite holidays…and probably yours too because we have this Norman Rockwell picture in our mind of what a real family looks like, and it’s not ours. Most of our families are less than perfect. If you are lucky enough to have the perfect family – add that to your list of things to be thankful for. If not, just remember that you are part of a much bigger family and one day you will be perfect...and, with any luck, so will they.

I sat in a Sunday school class the week before Thanksgiving and the teacher asked each of us what we were thankful for. Each person had to respond without repeating anything that had already been said. Being the list maker that I am, I wrote down everything they said and I have carried it with me in my wallet ever since. That was over twenty years ago and I still have the list. I’d like to share it with you. Feel free to make your own additions:
What's in your wallet?


Jeri and Amy said...

What's this nonsense about not having the perfect family? Are you talking about your sisters?

Jeri10 said...

No I'm not talking about my sisters. I'm making a statement about families in general. I used this paragraph in a talk at church about Thanksgiving and Gratitude. (I can't rub my perfect family in people's faces or they'd all hate me and I wouldn't have any friends)